Requirement Number of Courses
Humanities Outcome Elective 1
Natural Science with a lab Outcome Elective 1
Social Science Outcome Elective 1
Two additional courses in two different divisions outside the student’s home division:2

  • Engineering or STSC3 course offered by the Engineering Division
  • Humanities Division Elective
  • Natural Science with lab or STSC3 course offered by the Natural Sciences Division
  • Social Sciences Division Elective
Quantitative Reasoning 1
Global and Multicultural4 (may overlap5) 2
Elementary Proficiency in a second language (1 may overlap) 2
Values6(may overlap) 1
Writing7(includes FYS8, may overlap) 4
Total 15
Total with maximum overlap 7

  1. Distribution: Double or interdisciplinary majors need only take 1 additional course in a division not represented by their majors.
  2. AB math majors may count an STSC or second lab science as fulfilling one of their out of division requirements.
  3. STSC: Science and Technology in a Social Context; An STSC course is a science or engineering course without a lab that addresses a scientific or technologic issue of timely importance.  STSC courses must have a rubric from a department in either the Natural Science or Engineering division; must have a Natural Science lab course as a pre-requisite; must be designed for students who are not science or engineering majors.
  4. Global and Multicultural: One of the GM courses will satisfy GM1 and the other will satisfy GM2 learning outcomes.
  5. Overlap: There are minimal restrictions on overlap of requirements.
  6. Values: The “V” course designation applies to courses with learning outcome GS5: Construct and evaluate answers to questions of moral and political concern (questions of morally correct conduct, justice, and social policy, e.g.) via rational deliberation and based on solid evidence.
  7. At least one W course taken in the major department, and one W outside of the major department; students are strongly encouraged to take a writing course outside of their division as well.
  8. FYS: The FYS will incorporate the learning outcomes for information literacy; students will make further progress towards these outcomes in other courses in the CCS and their major.